While I Was Away- Training in NSA

I have had the opportunity to travel for work two times in the past three weeks. Why would I want to spend this precious time away from both my family and practice? Fortunately, the trips were for two amazing seminars, which I have been asked about by many practice members. Here is the why and what I have learned.

In January I travelled to Denver for 4 days for Dr. Donald Epstein's Intermediate and Advanced Care Intensive seminar. This is the advanced technique seminar for Network Spinal Analysis and is offered yearly, although I have not managed to attend since I last attended in Como, Italy. We have a lot of information to cover as Dr Epstein is constantly refining the work, and we get both lecture and hands-on practice time. As part of his new Reorganizational Healing model, we are learning new ways to work at different depths in the body to refine both the Respiratory and Somatopsychic (healing) waves. It's pretty amazing to see how the work is constantly changing and how science supports the study of the wave. 

In our hands on time, we have the support from the staff doctors. We work at improving our presence and connection while we are working on our new skills, and constantly getting feedback from the other doctors. It's hard work! They keep us busy from 8 am to 8/9 pm most days!

Other subjects we work on- understanding our own and others' Triad of Change-do we lead with perception, structure or behaviour?  Are we internal or external?  (meaning do we process information first internally, or externally, which is a stronger strategy?).   The four sacred seasons of care-Discover, Transform, Awaken, and Integrate. Questions to ask during different levels or seasons of care-both to our practice member and to ourselves. 

We have the chance to meet and visit with other doctors using Network Spinal Analysis-seasoned practitioners as well as people new to the work.  

We have the opportunity to see Advanced care in action-and experience an entire room shift and entrain to the person on the table.  It's impressive to watch a room of 200 people spellbound by someone receiving an entrainment. 

To add to my experience, Dr. Epstein lectured to our small X-cels group (15-20 of us) on how we can have the greatest impact with the work that we are doing.  And last but not least, I spent my last morning in Denver in a workshop/ testing process with Dr. Epstein to assess my current level of practice.  

A very full few days, and my brain is still digesting all of the information.  

Back to work for a week and a half, and then... Another trip to Gatineau, Quebec for my X-cels group!  Again, I have been very fortunate to work with this group of NSA chiropractors over the past year and a half.  

Our X-cels group consists of Chiropractors world wide who want to effectively communicate and share Network care with their practice and community.  These are doctors who are leaders, and seeing as how we learn the habits of those around us, they are the people that I want to be surrounded with.  

At our seminar we re-focus on the skills that we want to bring to our life-whether personal or professional.  Many of us juggle being Leader, Manager, and Doctor in our office, so we work on how to bring the attributes of those roles into our life.  We work on our own communication, which frequently means our non-verbal habits. 

Network care can be difficult to explain, so we work on that communication!  How to explain to someone who is brand new, or not even in care, what the benefits are.  For people in Transform care, we break down the technical stuff and work on how to explain it in understandable words.  

We work on challenges that we have in practice and brainstorm solutions.  

We find successes in our practice that we can celebrate.  Such as, I had a baby that came in for care and barely ever slept-her parents never slept, the entire house was upside down.  I thought she was a first baby, but she was number 5 which I think makes her parents experts. The parents sought medical advice for her problem (mom's food? switching from breastfeeding to formula?), but it just kept getting worse.  At their wits end, they finally came in for NSA care.  During the baby's entrainment, she let out a big sigh, and was starting to get drowsy in the reception room.  They went home and baby slept, parents slept, everyone was happy.  I saw her again for just one more adjustment, but isn't that amazing?  

Of course, our X-cels group talks on a weekly basis, so it is like a continuation of a year long conversation, as we watch the trials and successes of being in our NSA practice.

That is what I was up to while I was away.  Learning some NSA technique and how to be a better NSA chiropractor.  How to help others understand what it is that I do so that we can help more individuals and families to transform their health!  


  1. I love your success story of the baby you helped to sleep that is awesome! With your care so many you touch can really make improvements in their health!

  2. There's nothing more wonderful to a mother than a sleeping baby, I know, I had a sleepless baby myself. He still, at 15 does not sleep well, perhaps this is something I need to investigate!


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