What We Love

It's Valentine's Day!  

Of course, our practice members are the heart of our business and the reason that we've been in business for 8+ years in Calgary (8 years at Elan and 2 1/2 years prior).  How do we love our practice members?  Let us count the ways.  

  1. We love that we get to share in your health discoveries.
  2. We love that we get to see you from being grumpy in pain, to happy and joyful with life.
  3. We love getting to share in the journeys of pregnancies and birth.
  4. We love that we get to see kids grow up!
  5. We love to see people more comfortable in our community environment.
  6. We love being a piece of your life.
  7. We love seeing you take charge of your problems and making changes.
  8. We love when we see proactive changes to your nutrition, exercise, lifestyle.  
  9. We love seeing the changes in your health, your work, your relationships.
  10. We love when our practice members are in joy, connected, and contributing.  
  11. We love when we see practice members "getting younger"!
  12. We love when the office is crazy with the kiddies running around.
  13. We love when the office is quiet and still and calm.
  14. We love that we may see you for a few days or visits, or for 10+years!  

We have a fun month coming up in March-soon it will be Patient Appreciation Day!  We're using the event to support a local charity and to show our Practice Members how we appreciate them.  Entrainments will be in exchange for donations to Made by Momma, and we will be drawing for some incredible door prizes!   Join us on March 16th-details in office!  

P.S. We've been collecting testimonials in the office this month and a huge "thanks" for sharing the love!  


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