Monthly Food Challenge Check In 1/1/13

Its Day One of my Cleanse & not too much to post so far.  After today, I think I'll move to a Monday check-in for my Monthly challenge.

Today is Day One of Five for a Low Glycemic Cleanse using USANA RESET cleanse.  I've cheated a little if you count 1/2 apple, 1 avocado, and 1 cup of Almond Milk cheating.  And Kombucha tea.  The cleanse does allow 1 serving each of vegetables and fruit, but I will be eating more than that (A BMR of 1490 is not sustained by about 1100 calories a day!)

I've had a little energy swing (LOW), but that's it so far.  Hence, the avocado!

I'm finding that I seem to have more time on my hands since I'm not preparing as much food as usual.  Scott and Scarlett are eating relatively normally, but I haven't had to cook today-aside from some soup that I just put on.  I'm also not thinking about food, which I usually am-what to cook, what I crave.  

Boring, but probably good for Day 1.  It's been a nice January 1st.  I went for a walk, put away Christmas, and we had a bonfire in the backyard.  

One side effect- Scarlett just ate a banana, half an apple, and half a pear.  


I started to write too soon as the headache settled in about 8pm.  But one day down and four to go.  When I've done this before, I'm usually feeling good by day 3, so something to look forward to.  Then another 20 days to go after the cleanse!  


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