Am Vegan, Will Travel

I'm stretching the truth a little, I am Vegan for 10 days, I am travelling and have to figure out how to eat until the end of this challenge.  I did a poor job at planning this challenge as I am now at a seminar (for NSA chiropractic) until Monday, at which point, I will no longer be vegan!  

I am daunted at the thought of eating out for the next few days, so I'm planning ahead.  

First I packed:

  • nuts! (cashews, almonds, pecans, and a few seeds thrown in).
  • hemp hearts
  • granola
  • a few tea bags but that has nothing to do with eating Vegan.

That was all fine for border crossing, by the way.   

Then I bought a few items at the store-would have liked to say it was Whole Foods, but no.  I was shopping for a take-home toy and wandered into the food section.  

Some food I bought:

  • Rice crackers
  • Hummous
  • Pears, apples, oranges
  • Applesauce
  • Avocados
  • Sugar snap peas and carrots
  • Almond Milk
  • Almond Butter
  • Prepared 4 Bean Salad (probably not recommended as it has a big ingredient list).  
  • Prepared Mediterranean Wrap (hummous, olives, lettuce) (ditto)  
  • Dark Chocolate (I may be risking it as it may contain milk but I wanted some chocolate and that was the best option).  
Have I mentioned the really amazing yogurt made in and only available in Colorado called "noosa"?  Its made from healthy cows, no hormones, rich and creamy, with Aussie cultures... It may be calling to me in a couple of days.  If you eat yogurt, and you're in Colorado, look for it!  

The question is, will I make it?  There's only about 15 restaurants within walking distance, plus two Starbucks.  I did say that I was only buying for breakfasts and snacks, didn't I?  Or to make up for a meal that consists only of lettuce and cucumbers.  

Wish me luck!  


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