Monthly Food Experiment Check In 1/7/13

The 5 day low glycemic cleanse continued... 

Day 2- Coincidentally, the stomach flu hits our house.  This morning at 2:30 AM it was Scarlett.  Scott already had this two days ago.  Does this mean that I'm next?  We were up about 3 hours-I fell asleep in time for me to get up for work.  I have no ability to differentiate exhaustion from lack of sleep or the cleanse.  Otherwise, all's ok.  

I realized I ate about 7 extra servings today-2 servings of fruit, and the rest vegetables/ soup broth.  And a handful of pecans.  It feels a bit like cheating, but not really.  

Needless to say, it was a pretty quiet afternoon with Scarlett recovering & napping, and my being tired by dinner!  

Day 3- Today's my headache day, but very low grade and varying with the food I eat.  I'm still eating extra (ie. so far its been blackberries, avocado, and cucumber) in addition to the 3 shakes and 2 bars a day.  I have very little appetite but need to eat about every 2 hours or I get low glycemic levels-dizzy, tired.  But we still went skating this morning and I will be fine for work this afternoon!  

One way to ease this cleanse...soup!  Scott made a squash pureed soup today.  Yummy!  As of today, I'm over half way done the cleanse portion.  As a bonus, I still haven't gotten the flu (and I knocked on wood.).  I've started checking out some paleo recipes & am getting excited for some more food!  

Day 4- I feel much better.  My headache went away, my energy picked up.  My only problem today was that work was so busy my "meal" was delayed about an hour and that sent me into the foggy head place.  I usually feel better shortly after I eat more.  Needless to say, I'm still eating many extra servings.  Despite the extra calories, I still consider my cleanse a success so far with only one day to go.  My primary goal for this week is not weight loss, but I am curious if the scale has budged.   

I am finding that my days start off really well, but the voices start later in the afternoon-wanting to eat food of course, but also wanting to change grandiose things in my life-from decluttering, moving, to running a marathon (not going to happen).  The naggy, edgy feeling comes with it.  And people question that food is related to our moods?  

I did a more serious cheat today-one bite of meat!  I have forgiven myself, but I should not have bought Spolumbo's into the house.  

Day 5- Life got much easier today as it's Saturday (no work) and I'm feeling normal again.  My energy is good and I went for a big walk since it was so beautiful outside.  I also grocery shopped.  Not to make this confusing, but tomorrow I will be done my cleanse and on to 5 days of wheat and sugar free eating (that means no added sugar, but I can eat dairy and fruit).  Scott starts his five day cleanse.  But then mid-week we switch to a Vegan diet.  Perhaps not the best planning, but the only way to fit in 3 10-day challenges.  So my shopping consisted of a lot of veggies & fruit, some extra non-wheat items & a few extra vegan items.  Just by not buying any additional meat, I think we would save money eating like this ($107 today which is a low grocery bill for us-and that includes higher cost items like quinoa, hemp hearts, and gluten free biscuit mix).  

Only one shake and just hours to go!  

Here's my last shake!  Yes, we have coke glasses, although I think we've only had coke in our house 1 or 2 times.


I lost 6 pounds in the past 5 days!  (176 lbs to 170 lbs).  I'll probably regain half of the weight, BUT the sugar cravings have gone away at least for now.  I also managed to avoid the stomach flu that visited our house, which makes this all worth while.  

Day 6 and on... To come!  It's not too late if you want to join in!  Five days of no-wheat and no-added sugar.  This one should be a breeze!   


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