Steiner and The Spine

I wish I read Steiner (the founder of the Waldorf schools) but that will be something I save for the future.  

In the meanwhile, an NSA chiropractic friend posted this amazing quote from Steiner.  I wanted to share, as I love when my NSA world collides with my Waldorf world.  

"To one who is able to behold it rightly, the skeleton reveals its spiritual origin. But one who looks at the skeleton in its present form - I mean in its form as present-day science regards it - is like a person who says: there I have a printed page with the forms of the letters, but does not read their meaning because he is unable to read. He does not relate what is expressed in the forms of the letters to what exists as their real basis; he only describes their shapes. In the same way the present-day anatomist, the present day natural scientist, describes the bones as if they were entirely without meaning. What they really reveal, however, is their origin in the spiritual."
Rudolf Steiner, "Man as Symphony of the Creative Word"

Absolutely, Steiner got it.  


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