Choose To

It was probably my lesson not to text (or Facebook) and work out at the gym at the same time.  

A few weeks ago, I was at the gym, on my phone, and this woman started complaining along the lines of, " I would sooner be anywhere but here working out.  Its so difficult to make myself come here, but I have to do it.  I can think of ANYWHERE that I'd sooner be."  (yes repeatedly).

I realized that she was talking in my direction so I smiled.  I wasn't able to commiserate and I had a dozen ideas floating in my head.  

"Why is she talking to me?  And complaining?-do I look like I'm in misery and want to complain too?  Is this how people connect at the gym?  Why is she here if she doesn't want to?  Is her boyfriend (husband) making her do this?  Did her doctor tell her to lose weight?"

And then my coaching information kicked in with an immediate, "Isn't she the one that wants to be here?  Isn't this a gym that we walk in to, and out of freely?"  And the quote of the moment, doesn't she, "want to, get to, choose to... work out today?"  

Or, does she need to be validated for feeling this way?  Need someone to talk to?  Need some inspiration to work out?  

I'm not in a big social place when I'm at the gym.  I admit I'm not my best me as I'm there to have my time of solitude.  And work out, of course.   

I hesitated on my response, but finally, feebly, said, "At least you chose to come here today."  And that was it.  

I'm currently on a kick of replacing my "should's" and "need-to's" with the "want to, get to, choose to," which does take some practice.  And I'm on a kick of choosing to show up even though my result may not be perfect.  

You may see me someday just showing up at the gym and possibly giving it less than 100%.  I'd like to give my 100% all of the time, but that's a thought that could stop me from going at all.  At least I have chosen to show up and work out and I have only my self to blame. 

Thank you random lady at the gym for the reminder that I choose what I do everyday with my life.  


  1. I hear ya, Dr. Josephene. The gym should not be a mandatory social center! Only show-offs can talk and treadmill at the same time. ;)

    Taking your wise advice to "choose to show up, even though the result may not be perfect". Thank you for that tidbit of wisdom.


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