Monthly Report Food Experiment 1/3 done!

It's on to five days of No-Wheat & No-Added Sugar and it feels like a rest period after the initial cleanse.  

Day 6- Reintroduced my regular foods (aside from what I'm avoiding).  It took my stomach and digestive system a couple of hours to think about the omelet that I had for lunch.  Then I probably went overboard and had left overs for dinner-rice pasta, sausage, spinach salad, and a glass of wine.  An hour later and I'm still thinking about it, even though the portion size was easily half what I normally eat.  And I haven't finished that glass of wine and haven't decided what to do with it.  

My appetite was reduced today, but I still have good energy.  I'm also craving more vegetables and fruit compared to my norm.  

(Later-Threw out the glass of wine-shocking-and experienced a near comatose state after dinner.)

But by ...

Day 7- I feel Normal!

Days 8-10- It's really not too exciting for these days.  Our office hosted my CRAVE group on Tuesday and I prepared non-gluten treats, which were well received.  And I brought in a similar snack for my Women's Wellness Circle that met today-no complaints at "healthy" food.  

Interesting observations:

  • I worked out at the gym and felt that I pushed myself, but no next day muscle soreness.
  • My tummy feels less "doughy."
  • I have lost another pound over these past 5 days-currently 169 lbs.  
  • I'm still eating things like cheese and crackers-just with rice crackers, so I don't feel completely healthy having the dairy, but no digestive issues.  
  • Definitely have wanted to eat bread, but it wasn't too big of a concern to avoid it.  
  • Substituted a chocolate craving for a black bean brownie.  
  • Scott lost about the same amount of weight on the cleanse-5 pounds.  
Now, we're on to the second 10 day phase of the challenge-Vegan.  I'm a little scared.  


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