Chocolate Gingerbread Loaf

I have friends dedicating entire days or weekends to baking for the holidays.  I have baked a little and my baking feels schizophrenic.

First I baked full on holiday sugar cookies with an icing sugar glaze to donate to our community Christmas dinner.

Then came the loaded with sugar, chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.  Also for the above dinner.

Then gluten-free, sugar-free pecan chocolate cookies.

Back to regular almond biscotti, raison scones, and banana muffins-for our office birthday week.  (Eight years old earlier this month-yay!)

Today, we're back to healthy, or at least healthier, with this lovely gluten-free chocolate gingerbread loaf.  It does still have sugar, but lots of other good stuff.

I was proud of myself, as I re-found this recipe that I had pinned to Pinterest.  And also proud of myself as ingredients like xanthan gum, almond meal, rice flour, and coconut oil are now regular pantry items.  (ok, no, the almond meal was not in the pantry, but the almonds were.)  We did substitute milk for the non-dairy milk.

Here it is on the author's site:

Gluten Free Goddess

It is incredibly goopy, and the KitchenAid is a must!

Fortunately I didn't try this with a handheld mixer, as I'm not convinced it would hold up to this batter.  

Ready for the oven!

Finished Product-yes, it sunk a little in the middle, but it sure tastes yummy.  I can't even tell its gluten free.  


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