"The fourth light of Advent is the light of humankind,
The light of hope that we may learn to love and understand."

We're on Boxing Day today and we've had a house full for the past five days. We're lucky to have family that drove to town to see us -Scarlett had her grandparents, an uncle and a cousin for the holiday.

Our holidays have changed a lot since I was little-we always had the same Christmas eve at my Grandma's house with about a dozen other littles, and aunts and uncles, etc. Everyone lived within an hour or two of each other, so it made the traveling easier. Instead, this year, Scarlett got to be the ham with all eyes and attention on her. Especially this year as our family is more spread out than usual (Mexico to BC to North and South Alberta). I love staying at home for this holiday even when we squeeze into our tiny house and can't move for toys and extra bedding all around.

We've also hibernated a little more than usual with the cold weather and eaten a lot more than needed. Which is all lovely.

I'm wondering what traditions we will be starting or including for our future Christmas's. I think the Dora advent calendar definitely has to go, but I've enjoyed our slow routines that we had this December with little of the crazies as the month progressed.

We hope you and your family have also had a wonderful holiday!


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