Do you feel like there is something really big about to happen?

I'm not an end of the world believer, and I have no apocalyptic stores in my basement, but there is something happening out there.

Tonight is the new moon and three nights of altered sleep vouch that there is an energy shift occurring. My feeling is that it's now until the full moon, which also happens to cover the solstice. Interesting.

The quote coming to me is, "The universe will correspond to the nature of your song." What we believe and feel and see we will be bringing more of into our life. Yes, I'm a Secret fan.

I may be in a bubble being mid-month on a -celebrate-what-is-good-in-life, followed by a month of gratitude in November, but here's my example: I'm going to a seminar in Denver in January. The $2500 price tag of flight, hotel, & seminar was not appealing and I was hesitating on booking and doing the training. What happens? Monday I realized I have enough air miles to book and my flight goes from $800 to $200. That night I book my hotel. The next morning a friend posts a deal and I end up getting the hotel $200 cheaper. Do you think I'm happy and that maybe the universe wants me to do this training?

I have more examples, such as a new practice member showing up in my office because she wanted more joy in her life and she heard that Network care can help them release the old patterns (yes, pain and tension patterns, but also chronic emotional patterns). I would love to make that happen.

So I may just be in a temporary happy bubble, but I'm liking this song right now. I'm aiming to keep singing it at least through to the solstice, the full moon, and Christmas.


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