January's Food Experiment

I am jumping on the bandwagon in 2 days.  I've been stewing about doing some change-up to how our family is eating, and the closest I can come, is that I will try a food experiment for the 31 days in January.

The idea of a food experiment is from our Health Coach Janis.  She suggests a breakfast experiment-ie. why not experiment with the breakfast foods you eat.  For example, one day-cereal with milk, one day-fruit, one day-eggs, one day-toast...(or whatever- you get the idea).  And then see how you feel-how long you stay full, how your digestion is, how your energy sustains.  I haven't done the breakfast experiment yet, mainly because I have a pretty good sense of what foods work for me, for breakfast at least.

Then we also had a talk at the office about eating Vegan.  Again, not something I've done and something I feel isn't going to work for me, but possibly could help me with respect to the level of acidity of my body; the amount of protein I eat; and the inflammation in my body.  Not to mention the conscious and environmental reasons to eat Vegan.  I thought maybe I should try it and see how I feel.  (Although mainly to prove its not for me!)

Then if I'm going to try Vegan, why not try the diet that I think may work for me-Paleo?  I think my body likes meat and vegetables and could do without a lot of the starches and carbs.  If I did 10 days for each diet, I'm getting closer to the full month.  What else?  Yeast cleanse?  No sugar?  No gluten?  No dairy?  Raw?

What I've decided to do after receiving some feedback is a 5 days low-glycemic cleanse leading to 5 days of no-(or no added?)sugar, no-wheat (Scott and I will do both of these but in reverse order so someone can still eat with our daughter); then 10 days of Vegan eating; and finished with 10 days of Paleo.  I plan to keep drinking my Kombucha tea although I haven't looked if that fits in with the no-sugar part.  I also plan to keep a few "Scarlett" essentials in the house-fruit, oatmeal, eggs, milk, yogurt, meat...since I hate to drag her along on this until we see if she likes it.  I hope that's not too much cheating to have those in the house!

I plan to record how I feel and how my symptoms fair-can we say withdrawal headaches?  I also conveniently just had a body composition analysis at my gym so it will be easy to record changes in my weight and body fat, although I probably won't check it after only 30 days.

That's the plan for January!  Calling it an experiment is a little less daunting than calling it a resolution-and really its only 10 days at a time!  Wish us luck.  I'll plan for a weekly blog check-in!


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